Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

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After the third day that the turtles have started to emerge from their nest, the nest is excavated. This enables any turtles that have not yet emerged from the nest to be set free.

Specially trained volunteers are able to extract the turtles. During this time they also count the number of eggs that were in the nest and record the data.

The public is welcome to observe the tiny turtles as they take their first steps and plunge into the ocean for their long journey to the gulf stream during excavations.

Sea turtle T-shirts will be available during the excavation for a donation of $15 for kids and $20 for adult sizes.
All proceeds will be donated to The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Topsail Beach.

Please take a few minutes to read over the tips below:

* Wear dark clothing because turtles are attracted to white.
* Stay clear of the trench. The trench enables the turtles to more easily make their path to the ocean.
* Keep voices down. Their emergence should be as natural as possible.
* Keep flashlights off. Volunteers will use flashlights to guide the turtles.
* Do not use the flash on cameras. We don't want to blind the baby turtles!
* Do nothing to impede the hatchling's journey down the trench and into the water.
* Do not touch the hatchlings. They have just hatched from eggs and can be carrying harmful bacteria.
* Stay out of the water and wash area. The babies will wash in and out with the tide. Please stay back at least 4 feet from the water's edge.
* No smoking and no alcholic beverages.
* Do not spray insect repellent anywhere near the nest of the hatchlings.
* Volunteers will be happy to answer questions.

* THANK YOU for your interest in the sea turtles.